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Mile of Pennies Mission Project

Our Mile of Pennies Mission Project supports four-year-old Magdalena David Nyetaha who lives in Tanzania, Africa. Our pennies help her to go to school and provide health screening, hygiene education, Bible classes, school uniforms, educational materials and many other things that will help her to live a better life.

You might ask, "How does this Mile of Pennies Project work?"

It is simple.... We need your pennies!

You can collect pennies at work, at home, from family! Throughout the week, make a point to put all of your pennies in a special place so that EVERY SUNDAY morning you can bring your pennies to church! Simply drop the pennies in the giant penny container next to the pulpit and the rest is up to us! The Teachers, along with the children will count all of the pennies when the jar is filled.

Our goal is to reach a mile of pennies!

This is 5,280 feet of pennies in a mile. We know that there are 16 pennies in a foot, so we will be keeping track of our pennies by how many feet we collect. (That's 84,480 pennies per mile.)

The great thing is that the kids in our Sunday School classes will be able to correspond with Magdalena! We will be sending her photos, letters, cards, etc. to show her that we care!

Children in poverty are susceptible to believing its darkest message: "You don't matter." Sponsors are an integral part of helping children overcome the mindset of poverty. Our regular giving, to sponsor this little girl, says to her, that someone believes she has worth.

Please take a moment to read a little bit about our newly sponsored little Magdalena by clicking on the pages listed below.

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Magadlena's Letter to the Nation of the Lord

Magdalena sent the Greetings below to the Bretheran of the nation of the Lord (that's us at Spirit of Joy) on August 13, 2010.

(Click here for larger picture)

Magdalena's Letter

Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church, Bretheran of the nation of the Lord, Magdalena greets you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

She asks, "The nation of the Lord how are you?".

She says she is happy to receive your letter which is full of Christ's love. She says she is happy for remembering her, and praying for her and for congratulating her for her 4th birthday. She says she likes so much attending at the church every Sunday and there they learn about Jesus, singing and jumping.

She says she loves you so much and may God bless you so much in everything.

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