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Emily Thanks You

Hello Everyone!

Emily had a check up in Boston today and all went well! Despite
several viral illnesses over the past few months her blood counts
are still great! We are so thankful!!! We thank you for your
continued prayers and support and wish you all a very blessed

(Four-year-old Emily has a rare blood disease that destroys her red blood cells. Since infancy she has endured countless transfusions and emergency trips and stays in the hospital. We prayed and gave her a prayer quilt about 2 years ago.) (Posted Dec 16, 2009 9:19pm)

My Extended Family

I will be forever grateful to you, the Prayers & Squares and Spirit of Joy Church for my beautiful Prayer Quilt.

It was and is a testimony to the miracle of prayer, given to me so generously by what I feel is my extended family.  With the comfort, warmth and courage it brought me, I was able to begin a new tomorrow when the days were so dark.

Today I am cancer free. I owe my recovered health to so many----doctors, nurses, technicians in the medical field-- but most of all to the faith and power of prayer. I truly believe my full recovery came from the caring people of Spirit of Joy, Prayers and Squares, and all who participated in the creation of my Prayer Quilt.

To all of you a heartfelt thank you.

With love and gratitude

(Posted January, 2010)

His banner over me is Love

Having a prayer quilt to take to the hospital with me for my surgery meant so much. Being covered by it kept reminding me of the Sunday School Vacation Bible School song that says, "His banner over me is Love".

It seemed like every doctor, nurse, therapist, and technician who stopped in to see me commented on it, giving me an opportunity to explain its significance. It became an opportunity to witness as well.

I am continuing to be comforted by the prayers and the love that went into the blue, smiling dolphin Prayer Quilt.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Nancy

God's Peace

Recently my friend, Margie Jayne, who lives in Nevada, had a massive stroke. She had not regained consciousness for several days. I requested a prayer quilt for her.

We, as a church, tied prayer knots in her quilt, asking for God's peace for Margie. The quilt was sent to the family and placed over her on a Friday morning. By afternoon, her condition began to change, though still unconscious, she seemed more comforted. On Monday, she peacefully passed. God is so good!

Ethel N. (February, 2010)

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

My heart is overflowing with thanksgiving to God and to you, my fellow believers, for all your wonderful cards, calls, prayers, food and love that you have given me. I praise God for every single one of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Prayer Quilt is beautiful. When I look at it or put it around me, I am reminded of all the prayers and love that went into it. God has given me such a peace of mind, it really is the kind of peace that passes all understanding. We serve an awesome God and I praise Him for all of you!! Keep your eyes and hearts and minds on Him, He is faithful.

Thank you! Thank you!

Love, E. S. (November, 2010)

“Dear Members of Prayers & Squares,

My name is Bobby Jo and I am a proud recipient, May 2011, of a prayer quilt requested by Sharon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

“My quilt is such a reflection of the life my husband John and I were living. We lived on a sailing catamaran, currently in the USVI. The colors of the quilt were tropical!

“I will cherish the comfort of this quilt with every chemo treatment through the next 15 months. I know I have a long journey ahead, but feel confident I will be a survivor. Along with these prayers already tied and the many more to come, I can’t help but succeed.

“Thank you for your kindness!”

“Thank you so much for the beautiful prayer quilt. Your kindness and prayers are making me stronger every day. I have always been a red tractor man, but since receiving my green tractor prayer quilt, I am beginning to think green looks pretty good!!! God Bless You for the kindness you’ve shown me.”


Dear Ladies of Prayers & Squares and Spirit of Joy Church

My name is Don A. I recently received a Prayer Quilt requested by my sister and her husband.

The Quilt is a reflection of love & the power of prayer conveyed by all ladies of Prayers & Squares, and those who have tied a prayer knot. Your creation of this beautiful quilt, along with the special prayers, will be cherished always. From the heart comes a Special Thank You for your prayers and the special touch of each hand making the Quilt to comfort me. Thank You and God Bless You.

Don A.

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