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Book of Acts Begins January 9, 2021

Our Home Group members love The Chosen's portrayal of Jesus and all those he touched in personal and powerful ways. We have found ourselves marveling at a powerful and vivid new approach to the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus Christ.

This is, in fact, a never-ending story. And a logical next-step in understanding this story is what happened to his chosen people after Jesus’ passion, resurrection, and departure to Heaven. This is all revealed in the Acts of the Apostles as told by Luke, the dear and glorious physician.

Beginning the week of January 9, 2021, our Home Groups will take an 8-week journey through the Book of Acts  We’ll gain new insights into where this Journey with Jesus will take us as it did with the Apostles.

So mark your calendars for eight weeks, beginning the week of January 9.

We'll schedule Season 3 of The Chosen as soon as it is finished. And, while you're thinking about it, consider paying it forward.

1 January 9-13
Acts 1
Video 1
Discussion Guide
2 January 16-20
Acts 2-5
Video 2
Discussion Guide
3 January 23-27
Acts 6-7
Video 3
Discussion Guide
4 Jan 30 - Feb 3
Acts 8-10
Video 4
Discussion Guide
5 February 6-10
Acts 11-14
Video 5
Discussion Guide
6 February 13-17
Acts 15-19
Video 6
Discussion Guide
7 February 21-24
Acts 20-26
Video 7
Discussion Guide
8 Feb 27-Mar 3
Acts 27-28
Video 8
Discussion Guide

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What is a Home Group?
Home Groups are small group Bible Studies doing life together! It's an opportunity to develop the spiritual dimension & relationships outside of the group settings. Groups are comprised of 6 to 12 people, and intergenerational, children and families are welcome.

Why Home Groups at Spirit of Joy?
We truly believe that lives will be changed by consistent community and nurturing relationships in the name of Jesus Christ.

What are the hopes and goals?
We hope that there will be a deepening commitment to life in the church. We hope that the health and vitality of the church will be increased, that is, a strong commitment coming out of growth in personal spirituality and relationship. With this the hope is that Spirit of Joy will increase in capacity with families and church growth.

What are the expectations of a Home Group:
The commitment would be two hours each week based on the selected material. Each meeting will include fellowship, food, and Bible study. Within the group there will be the opportunity to grow spiritually and in relationship with your group.

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James 1:5

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