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Lori & John Boruff

Laurie & John Boruff

Sundays, 5:00-7:00, Potluck, 20102 Para Siempre Vista

We have been hosts for Spirit of Joy Home Groups since it’s inception 2 years ago. If you like people and food and you don’t quite have all the answers to the Bible, the life of Jesus, and the human race, then you should consider hosting or joining a home group!

From a hosting point of view, you just sweep the dust bunnies under the rug, warm up the T.V., and gather some chairs for viewing purposes. If you like, you can do pot lucks, desserts or a big bowl of popcorn!  As hosts you can choose to lead the discussions, or someone else can serve in that capacity. 

Our group meets on Sunday evenings at our home at 20102 Para Siempre Vista (off of Highway 78 & Weekend Villa Road). If you can’t remember what it is like to sit down with a family, say grace and break bread, then join us at 5:00 for some of the best home cooking (pot luck style) and table conversation ever!

The second half of our evening is devoted to the video and discussion questions.  We’ve yet to finish all the questions; our conversations go deep and wide, but we like to wrap promptly at 7:00 so folks can get home and ready to take on the week. And what a way to start your week!

We’ve bid farewell to some members and welcomed others into our group over the years, but  the two hours always fly by as we enjoy our meal and share our faith, thoughts and encouragement in these weekly studies. Our group looks forward to our gatherings and we extend an open invitation to anyone who wants to be included in the upcoming study of Ephesians this fall.

A little bit about us: we have been married nearly 39 years, with 31 of those years in Ramona, and we are blessed with 3 sons and 6 grandchildren. We own a real estate and property management company and spend just about every hour of every day together, and, believe it or not, we still try to squeeze in a “date night” in order to get some time together! Our lives are full with work, family, and church. We recognize so many blessings in our lives, and know that we fail to see so many more.

We are grateful for the opportunity to gather with our home group family and hope that you will join us, or find a group that suits your schedule. We promise it is worth it! Call Laurie, 760-533-8099, or John, 619-733-4230 if you have any questions or want to join us.

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Joan & Scott Brown

Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00, Potluck, 10842 Loire Ave, San Diego, 92131 (began July 26); Dates & Times may vary.

We began hosting the “Down the Hill” Home Group a year ago.  We encourage you to join our group, no matter where you live.  Currently, members come from North Park, Kearny Mesa, Poway, and Scripps Ranch.  We accommodate busy, professional, and volunteer schedules by varying our meeting dates and times to maximize participation.  With that in mind, we will begin our study of Ephesians on Tuesday, July 25.  We are looking forward to this study not only because it promises to be a good series, but also because three of our group have been to Ephesus, and we look forward to hearing about some of their personal experiences.  Our initial gathering will begin at 6:00PM (or whenever people can get there) at our home in Scripps Ranch: 10842 Loire Ave, San Diego, 92131.  Evening meetings include a pot luck dinner.  Those who have more time often provide a main dish, which allows those with less time to bring a quick side or beverages.  Throughout this series we have some meetings scheduled for Tuesday evenings and some for Sunday afternoons.  We will be taking turns meeting in each other’s home areas.

Joan tells people that it is important to have both science and arts in school – otherwise, Scott and she would never have met.  Scott is the scientist who met his future wife during one semester of high school choir:  he sang bass, and she accompanied the choir.  We have been partners in school, ministry, business and in numerous other life opportunities since 1969.

We both appreciate trains of all sizes, and we have a constantly evolving garden railroad in our back yard.  We enjoy traveling, and in 2013 we were introduced to scuba diving.   God has abundantly blessed us through this experience.  As we retire in September, we look forward to diving, spending more time with our children and grandchildren, and continuing to be welcoming beacons of God’s light in whatever way God leads. 

Tori & Jim Barlow

Tori & Jim Barlow

Every Other Wednesday, 6:30-8:00, Dessert, Host Varies (1st meeting 1537 H Street #24)

Our group meets this fall every other week beginning Wednesday, September 13. We gather at 6:30 for dessert and study, and our first meeting will be at Marilyn Sproat's house at 1537 H Street #24. We'll rotate places for the next 4 meetings. Contact Tori for more information at .

This semester we'll be doing the RightNow Media series "Unstuck"  If you want to preview or review the videos and don't yet have a login account at RightNow, click here to set up a free account

We would love to grow our group, so we hope you'll consider joining us. 

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Beverly & Harvey Payne

Wednesday 6:30-8:30 Potluck, 17227 Acanto Drive

We hope that you will consider becoming part of our Home Group. We meet on Wednesday evenings at our house in the San Diego Country Estates. We share a  meal at 6:30 and begin our video and discussion between 7:15-7:30. We try and finish at 8:30.

We come from different Christian upbringings from different places in the USA, but have found common ground right here in Ramona at Spirit of Joy.

We have season tickets for both the Padres and Lamb's Players Theater. We have two dogs, one medium sized dog Suesse the Boxer, and a larger dog, Sali, the Rhodesian Ridgeback. We also enjoy spending time with family and friends, which sometimes calls for some travel as most of Harvey's family is in Oregon and Bev's family is along the east coast. We tend to travel a bit, just for fun too. We are both Electric Vehicle enthusiasts and currently have two different EVs as our only personal transportation.

We are excited about the topic of this Home Group Session on Ephesians. Our group has been asking for a really good Bible study, and this looks to be one. We look forward to growing closer to Christ and to each other as we explore this study.

We have a website for our members to RSVP each week to share if they can make it and what they are bringing for dinner. We share that web address with all our group members. The site also supports any discussion we might want to have regarding the study or just what's going on.

Generally, we prepare a main course and request others bring a side dish, dessert, or drinks -- but we're totally OK with mixing it up. If someone wants to prepare the main dish, just state so on our website when RSVPing for the week.

Address: 17227 Acanto Drive, Ramona. Feel free to park in our driveway or on the street out front -- we have room for probably 8 cars in the driveway and another dozen nearby on the street.

Photo: Kay & Al Rogers

Kay & Al Rogers

Thursday 6:00-8:00, Potluck, 2239-171 Black Canyon Road

We hope that you will consider becoming part of our Home Group. We meet on Thursday evenings at our house east of Ramona, in Oak Tree Ranch on Black Canyon Road. We share a potluck meal at 6:00 and begin our video and discussion between 6:45-7:00. We try and finish promptly at 8:00.

We have long pursued the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our daily lives, in our marriage, and in our service to God.

Some of our favorite things are our nine grandchildren, C.S. Lewis, Tim Keller, N.T. Wright, good novels, history and biography, music, living in Ramona, Lamb's Theater in Coronado, all things Masterpiece Theater... to mention only a few.

We are excited about the topic of this Home Group Session on Ephesians. We are confident that each of us will discover new and important principles for strengthening and deepening our relationship with our heavenly Father.

Our first week together Kay and I will provide the drinks and main dish, and we'll contact you regarding what you can contribute.

Address: 2239-171 Black Canyon RoadNote: Most GPS apps don't recognize Oak Tree Ranch drives, so don't trust it to the very end. Drive north on Magnolia/Black Canyon Drive to Oak Tree Ranch at 2239 Black Canyon Road and then follow the signs. Park in our driveway (room for 3 cars if the end cars scoot all the way to the left/right) and in guest parking across the street or around the corner at the end of the cul de sac.

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