November in Music
Choir Rally Day Trophy  
“Sing to the Lord of harvest 
your songs of love and praise; 
With joyful hearts and voices 
your alleluias raise!”
On Wednesday, November 26 at 7:00 PM You’ll have the opportunity to do just that during our Thanksgiving Eve worship!
 “We lift our voices; we lift our hands,
we lift  our lives up to you: 
we are an offering.”
On Saturday mornings Festival Choir members are doing just that, offering their time and abilities to prepare a Christmas Musical Program which will be presented at 8:15 and 9:45 AM on Sunday, December 14. This is always a highlight of the Advent and Christmas seasons, so mark your calendars!  The program will be recorded and will include congregational singing.
“Lord, use our voices; Lord, use our hands; Lord, use our lives, 
they are yours: we are an offering.”
God is using each of us through Spirit of Joy to “spread the good news of Jesus Christ by reaching out to all people through worship, prayer, service, fellowship, and teaching.”
“Since Christ is Lord of heaven and earth, how can I keep from singing?”
Thank you to everyone who helps proclaim God’s message of love, grace, and salvation through music ministry!
“Before you, Lord, we bow, our God who reigns above
and rules the world below with boundless power and love. 
Our thanks we bring.  In joy and praise our hearts we raise.
To you we sing!”
Spirit of Joy Celebrates 20 Years
Nick, David, Julie, Alyssa
Our 20th Anniversary Celebration Sunday Evening was a joyful, family-oriented, rewarding experience for all 138 in attendance. San Vicente Inn  went all out as they served us with an excellent chicken parmesan dinner and contributed apple juice and champagne to our celebratory toast. Marina Martin made a tall, spectacular and tasty cake. Charter members Tony & Pat Prasher, John & Becky Trower, Russ & Lilly Popma, and Karen & Will Tjossas were introduced and honored. Mike Schuler presented Karen Erlenbusch with a corsage for the evening, and John Boruff offered a toast in honor of Pastor Dan & Karen's ministry for the past 20 years. Joan Brown accompanied Bryce Harrison as he sang St. Francis' prayer, "Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace." It was beautiful! Many Thanks to the Anniversary Committee Nancy & Bill Clark and Mike Schuler, and many others.
Thank You
We owe a special word of thanks to Joyce Whelehon, San Vicente Inn event planner. Joyce went out of her way to ensure that our evening would be special. We thank her for her help, generosity and attention to detail.
Art Auction
Mikayla offered two of her works of art to auction for SOJ Youth Activities. These two beautiful pieces earned $120 for the youth.
SOG Baskets
Spirits of Grace raffled a number of their famous opportunity baskets and earned over $800 for their New Kitchen fund which will, furnish our new kitchen at Hwy 78 & Highland Valley.
CLICK HERE to view our 20th Anniversary slideshow
CLICK HERE to view 2013 Harvest Dinner and Talent Show slideshow
And Prepares for the Next 20
Pastor Dan elicited applause and cheers when he announced that on Friday, November 14, Spirit of Joy's proposal for a Major Use Permit will be presented by county planning staff to the San Diego Planning Commission for their vote. Prior to the vote the staff will make a presentation and show a slideshow about our project.
Thus our Anniversary celebration was also an important landmark as we begin a capital funding and building campaign in 2015. Pastor Dan noted that the ball will now be in our court, and that each of us must prayerfully consider how we will support this effort, both through our financial support and our sweat equity as we help with the actual construction of our new church home.
Attend the Vote
The first step will be to support this important vote with our prayers and, if possible, our presence at this important vote. Pastor Dan asked that everyone who can to attend this meeting:
Friday, November 14, 9:00 AM
County Operations Center 
Campus Center Chambers  (SOJ meetup at entrance at 8:30)
5520 Overland, San Diego, CA 92123
Click Here for Directions
COMING events
Mon, Nov 10 5:30 pm
SOJ Youth Serve Open Door meals
Sun, Nov 23,
Thanksgiving Food Drive Ends
Wed, Nov 26 7:00 pm
Thanksgiving Eve Service
Sat, Dec 6 8:00 am
Church Work Party
Sun, Dec 7,
Annual Christmas Gathering

SOJChurch Calendar

8:15 & 9:45 am: Worship
8:15: SS preK-6th grade
9:45: SS preK-High School
6:30-8pm: Junior High
Sunday: 1st & 3rd A.M.
11-12:30 High School
7-8am: Bible Study
7-8pm: Bible Study
9am: Prayers & Squares
4-6pm: Kids Klub
7-8:30pm: High School
7-8am: Men's Breakfast
7-8pm: Women's Bible Study
First Wednesday
9:30am: Spirits of Grace
7pm: Choir
9-11am: Festival Choir
Saturday: 1st & 3rd A.M.
Men's Bible Study:
7:30am: breakfast
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