Praise Team Update
L-R: Bryce, Britany, Mick, Kay, Danny, Andy; absent: Mark & Sara

Dear SOJ Church family,

It has been quite the summer! I use the past tense because, as a teacher, I have to mentally prepare for the fall term that is right around the corner; and I am determined to not be surprised this! Ask me in August if my strategy worked... With that being said, I have to express to you "first servicers" what a pleasure it has been to serve as your worship leader these past two weeks. Thank you for the gracious welcome that you have given the entire praise team. It has been a wonderful opportunity to worship with you all.

I want to give you all a little glimpse into the inner workings of the praise team, so that you can truly understand how blessed we are. Seeing as how I live far away, I've had to get creative with how rehearsals work. It starts with Brit and I rehearsing and working out the guitar, vocals, and harmony for a song. Next, we record the track and email it out to all of the musicians along with the music. Each and every member of the praise team then takes the time to listen to the recordings (some of them obsessively!!) and rehearse their instrument with the track. These wonderful musicians have gotten so efficient that I will often send them a new song to learn early in the week, and they will have it ready in time for the following Sunday! I can not emphasize how much I appreciate the work that these vocalists and instrumentalists put in on a weekly basis. They are wonderful! Please take the time to thank them for the work they are doing.

While I am on the subject, how about those new faces you see up there?! The Lord keeps blessing us by bringing more gifted musicians. It's time I give them all a proper introduction and recognize the tremendous work that they do. Our praise team members are as follows: Kay Rogers on piano, Mick Hall on bass, Danny Donnelly on electric guitar and vocals, Mark Stefanik on vocals, Sara Quinn on vocals, and my lovely wife Britany Harrison on vocals and sound board. I would like to mention one more gentlemen, without whom second service would simply not function, Andy Ray! Andy works tirelessly on second service media and technology making sure we have all that we need, and more, for every service. We are only one drummer away from having a "stacked" praise team, ready to move into our new building.  If you or anyone you know can keep a beat, please get in touch!

On a personal note, I'd like you all to know that I am beginning a graduate program in Choral Music Education this summer at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ. So far it has been a wonderful, albeit very challenging, experience. In addition to prayers for travel mercies, please pray that God would give me the experiences that I need to continue developing as a musician and educator. A big thank you to Brit, Danny, and Joan for covering the music for second service while I am away. Godspeed!

Beach Camp Smashing Success

On Sunday Alyssa reported on our successful Beach Camp. It was a fun week, but more importantly, it was a week of spiritual growth for our youth as they learned the power of God's love and forgiveness in their lives. Click on the picture for a brief video of the week's events.

Don't Worry about Anything

Don’t Worry About Anything?

That’s right, one of the verses we have posted on the wall in the middle classroom for the kids says it just this way: “Don’t worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything.” (Philippians 4:6)

So how do we deal with prayer needs here at Spirit of Joy? You have so many ways:

  • Prayer List:
    Every Sunday bulletin contains a prayer insert showing people who need prayer. We list friends, relatives, deployed military, first responders, and members who for some reason or other are in need of prayer. You can take this list home and pray for these people during the week. Want to add someone, or remove someone who no longer is in need? Just write on the list and place it into the offering plate, or leave it on the office desk, and every week the updates are made.
    Contact: 760-788-7456,
  • Prayer Line Emails:
    We have a group of dedicated, focused individuals who have agreed to say prayers for urgent situations, emergencies, upcoming surgeries, tragedies, etc. We have two leaders who will take prayer requests and forward them to the group via email. Immediately a prayer team is launched into action. See Ellen Ray.
    Contact: 760-788-7456,
  • Prayer Quilts:
    Know someone who might be comforted by receiving our prayers in the form of a prayer quilt? We have request forms in the office. The recipient must agree to receive our prayers & the quilt, so it’s not a gift or a surprise, but an informed consent to have others praying for specific needs. See Marilynn Hersey if you have questions about our Prayers & Squares chapter. They are on summmer hiatus now but will resume meeting every Tuesday in September. Our Heavenly Father wants to hear from us. Let us remember to praise him always, to thank him, and most importantly to be in conversation (prayer) with him.
    Contact: 760-788-7456,
Coming Events
Coming Events
Mon, Jul 13 9:00 am
Vacation Bible School Jul 13-17
Mon, Jul 13 9:00 am
Vacation Bible School Leaders Needed
Fri, Jul 17 7:30 pm
Family Movie Night
Sat, Jul 18 8:00 am
Church Work Party
Mon, Aug 10 5:30 pm
SOJ Youth Serve Open Door meals

SOJChurch Calendar

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