Music at Spirit of Joy

Recently, Karen Dietmeyer, Shannon Stemper, my husband Scott, and I attended an all day choral workshop that was sponsored by First Congregational Church in Ramona.  The featured director was Dr. Keith Pedersen from Pt. Loma Nazarene University and La Jolla Presbyterian Church.  Dr. Pederson emphasized how music weaves all people together.  

People come together with
Different voices, different instruments, different abilities,
From different religions, different denominations, different cultures,
With different philosophies and different experiences
To work together as a team
With a common goal
To create a shared vision.
The final product is better than it would if we toiled alone
Because we journeyed together through the process.

Music brings people together in a way no other medium does
As people participate actively or passively
At camps
On houseboats
During church services
During concerts
Throughout their daily lives.

Thank you Everyone for appreciating God’s gift of music with your active and passive participation!

Coming events:

  • Lutheran Choir Night September 4 at the Padres game. (Details forthcoming)
  • Musicians from Cal Baptist, Riverside present October 18 at both services
Rally Day September 13

Put September 13 on your calendar...
then invite your friends & neighbors to join our day-long celebration of the new school year.

Rally Day is Spirit of Joy's traditional fall kick-off event and begins an exciting new Sunday School and Church Year.

Plan on attending a full day of activities . It's always fun and rewarding.

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Building Update

Pastor Dan reports that our construction loan documents have been signed and we are on the move.

This comes on top of prior news that we have found significant savings in our required mitigation of non-native grasslands and in approved scaling back on our package wastewater treatment plant. Please continue to pray that God will help us to be wise stewards of this construction money and that we will find additional cost savings as we move forward.