Pastor Dan's Message Moments
  Pastor Dan at the Pinewood Derby

We have begun this fall season, and what an incredible Sunday Rally Day was for Spirit of Joy.  From the opening of the fall season of Sunday School, to pancake breakfast, afternoon BBQ, and pinewood derby race, it was a day packed full of our life together.  We continue to see a remarkable growth in our congregation and we are excited and privileged to have so many new families coming to Spirit of Joy.

     As we look to the month of October, there are several dates and ministry happenings that we would like to highlight.  Beginning on October 4th we will have two of our congregational members share with you where we are in ministry and in building. These are such great times, and we all need to be on board with our commitment to the ministry and building up of God's church.  October 18th we will welcome the Cal Baptist chorale ensemble that will lead in both of our worship services.  They are truly a gift to us each year in worship, and this would be a great time to invite your friends and neighbors.  

     Beginning on October 18th we will be hearing about ministries that we would like highlighted for the fall stewardship program "Glorious Unfolding."  Yes, we are carrying through with the capital campaign theme as our ministry and building and life together this year will truly see a glorious unfolding.  On October 18th you will hear about our music ministry, October 25th will be our children and youth ministry, and then on November 1st we will listen to our evangelism ministry and all that they have done this past year.  In the upcoming days you will hear of their month long emphasis on invitation.  For an entire month we will be asked to invite others to come and share in our worship life with us.  November 8th will be our Harvest Dinner and we will not only have an update on our ministry plan for next year, but also where we are with our building program, and the date set for groundbreaking.  You will certainly want to be here for the celebration.  November 15th at  both worship hours we will bring our personal commitment to God forward to the altar.  Please make a point of being present on a day where we can all be counted on at Spirit of Joy.

     As you can see, many plans, so much in ongoing ministry, worship, Bible study, children and youth programming, Home groups, prayers and squares.....and so much more.  Plan to worship Sunday, Blessings, Pastor Dan

See you Sunday... and please... invite a friend,
Pastor Dan
Men's Fellowship
Chili Pot Luck Dinner
Sunday, Oct 25, 6-8pm
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If it's October, it means that the annual Men's Fellowship Dinner is just around the corner. This year we have another special treat coming directly from the deep well of expertise and experience that is the Spirit of Joy Men's Fellowship. Tom Aldern will share his experiences with the development and operational testing of the X-47B demonstration unmanned combat air vehicle designed for aircraft carrier-based operations. In July 2013, the X-47B made the first ever arrested landing at sea on the deck of the USS George H.W. Bush. In April 2015 it successfully conducted the world's first fully autonomous aerial refueling, rendezvousing with an KC-707. Tom will certainly share some interesting stories and insights about this groundbreaking aircraft.

Dinner will be pot-luck chili, baked potatoes, etc. Sign up on the kiosk in the coming weeks. And put Sunday, Oct. 25, 6-8pm on your calendar.

Prior to the program we'll take time to learn a bit more about the work-a-day life of the men we see each Sunday. Please bring a tool, instrument, memento, plaque, award, citation or other representation of your life at work and be prepared to tell its story or to briefly share an interesting anecdote or event from your years making a living.


Sunday Video
Helpers Needed

We need to have volunteers to help videotape our morning services. Please contact Andy Ray at


New Members Info
Oct 18 5-6pm

If you've been visiting for a while now and want more information about becoming a member, please join Pastor Dan, Sunday evening Oct 18 from 5-6pm.  Sign up on the kiosk... we'd love to share more with you about our Spirit of Joy church family.

Sunday Morning Helpers
October 4 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Will & Karen Tjosaas Kathy Lodico
Readers: Richard Sinkiewicz Marilynn Sproat
Ushers: Curwin Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Donnelly Familiy
celebrating Gina & Danny's 16th Anniversary
October 11 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Tucker Family Martin Family
Readers: John Trower Jim Barlow
Ushers: Curwin Team Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts: BERRY FAMILY
Flowers: Dacy Family in memory of Mike Webb
October 18 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Claudia Weringa Barbara Mason
Readers: Jessica White Dougan Dimmitt
Ushers: Curwin Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Martin Family celebrating Rich & Billy's Birthday
October 25 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Robin & Charlie White Keith & Jean Merrick
Readers: Donna Zick Mick Hall
Ushers: Curwin Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Baldwin/Flores Family celebrating
Marianita & Troy's Anniversary
Kathy Appleby celebrating Gerry's birthday