Pastor Dan's Message Moments
  Pastor Dan at the Pinewood Derby

As we approach the month of November, it is always a time for giving thanks.  Spirit of Joy has so much to be grateful for in our life together. November is a month that will be filled with activity and ministry.  

We will be asking everyone to take the shopping bags home for our annual Thanksgiving drive.  Each bag includes items that you are to purchase so that we can distribute the bags through the Ramona Food and Clothes Closet.  Please return the filled bags to the church over the next three weeks.  

Our worship life will include an emphasis each week on our ministry at Spirit of Joy.  This year we are highlighting our music, children and youth, and evangelism.  The theme of our stewardship emphasis is "The Glorious Unfolding", to tie in with our building campaign effort this year.  On Sunday, November 8th. 5pm. you are invited to our annual Harvest Thanksgiving Dinner.  This is a time for our entire family to fellowship, and hear about the coming year.  This next year will be a critical year in our congregation as we move through the steps for permitting, breaking ground, and building the new worship center and fellowship/office/nursery center.  In the midst of building, we must keep our focus on the ministry that Christ has enabled us to do in this place.  With children, youth, adult studies, home groups, worship, fellowship, outreach....there is much to be done.  

The first two weeks in November will also conclude our Friendship Days at Spirit of Joy.  You have been encouraged to bring friends to our worship time together.  At the end of the month long emphasis we will be giving a Thank You gift to the individual or family that has brought the most friends to worship.  This is yet another way to ask you, the members, to be invitational.  We have a wonderful congregational family, and we would like everyone to feel welcome to join us in praising our Lord.

As we move toward the end of the month, we will come together in worship on Wednesday evening, November 25th, 7pm for a Thanksgiving Celebration.  This is always a time to invite your family and friends to worship as we give thanks for the many blessings that God has given us over this past year.  The church is always decorated with a Harvest theme, and is a beautiful setting to share our gratitude and love for our Lord.

So, a time to reflect, a time to be thankful, and a time to receive the blessing of our Lord and Saviour.  

See you Sunday... and please... invite a friend,
Pastor Dan
A Message from our Treasurer
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Hello Church! Hoping that you are all having a great week. If you didn't’t hear my temple talk earlier this month, here are the key points:

  1. We are running a bit behind in our general fund.
  2. The building fund is doing well and we look forward to what is yet to come for SOJ.
  3. We need to build a bridge from here (the Kragen building) to there (the new building). To do so, I challenged the church to raise $45,000.00 to bring us current in the general fund by the end of the year.

Ways you can help:

  • If you’ve missed some weeks of giving throughout the year, please try to make up for that, if you can.
  • Or, if you can increase your giving for the remainder of the year, please do.
  • Another option is to add a “13th month” of giving to the year.

I hope that you will prayerfully consider what God would have you do and help in whatever way you can.

Whatever you are able to do, big or small, or anywhere in between, is most certainly valued and appreciated and will go a long way to helping all of our ministries continue to thrive as we move into our exciting phase of building on our property.

Thanks for your generosity....
Ellen Ray
Sharing the Holidays
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Share God's Love with a worthy child by packing a Christmas Child Shoebox. Pick up your shoe boxes with instructions between services, pack them up, and return them to church by Sunday, Nov. 15.

In the meantime, begin collecting small toys, puzzles and colored pencils. Perhaps you can find a nice T-shirt to include in the box. A game of checkers or a yo-yo would also be fun. And don't forget simple sanitary items: toothpaste, toothbrush, comb. Put a photo of yourself or your family and maybe a letter in the box. Click here for more information.

Most of us are blessed by having a bountiful Thanksgiving holiday meal.  Again this year there are many families in our community that are facing hardships, hunger being one of them. Our local Ramona Food and Clothes Closet is expecting shortages of food to distribute to the needy. Pick up a grocery bag between services and fill it with the suggestions you'll find here. Then return them to church by Sunday, November 22.

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SOJ Men's Fellowship Dinner, Oct 25
Sunday Morning Helpers
November 1 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Young Family Munoz Family
Readers: Sandy Aldern Alyssa Howland
Ushers: Bartlett Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Dacy Family in honor of our volunteers and lay leaders
November 8 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Donna Zick Harvey & Bev Payne
Readers: Alyssa Howland Glenda McCarthy
Ushers: Bartlett Team Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts: ROBIN'S TEAM
Flowers: Krohne Family celebrating Mikayla's 13th Birthday
November 15 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Aldern Family Porcelli Family
Readers: Doug Bartlett Al Rogers
Ushers: Bartlett Team Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts:
Flowers: Russ & Lilly Popma celebrating Lilly's 70th Birthday
November 22 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Gerry & Kathy Appleby Ray Family
Readers: Laurie Boruff Mona Snodgrass
Ushers: Bartlett Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Will & Karen Tjosaas in Thanksgiving
November 29 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Baker Family Al & Kay Rogers
Readers: Bill Clark Marilynn Sproat
Ushers: Bartlett Team Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts:
Flowers: Shirley Emge in celebration of her Dad's 99th Birthday!