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What an incredible year we have to look forward to at Spirit of Joy.  I would like to make this year a "Call to Commitment".  It is so very important that each of us look for ways to commit our lives to our Lord, and the life and ministry of the church.  2016 marks the year that we will begin to build the worship center, and fellowship/kitchen/nursery/office center,  In order for that vision and mission of the church to be realized we must stay focused on our life and ministry together.  

God calls us to be positive agents of His word and ministry in the church.  That means that we need to look for ways to commit ourselves to the variety of ministries that are happening each week.  That includes Bible Studies, Children's Ministries, Youth Ministries, Home Groups, Worship Life, and so much more.  We have often had visitors see all the activity going on at Spirit of Joy and marvel at the living spirit that is moving in so many great directions in our lives together.

The month of January is always a start up month for the new year.  That means that we are encouraging you to volunteer to help with children, with our youth, prayers and squares, men's and women's fellowship, Bible study, and any area where you feel called to get involved.  The mission of the church is to invite others to share in the joy that we have here, and that is exactly what we ought to be doing as we welcome people to join us in building God's church in Ramona.

At this time we are waiting for our next submittal to the county concerning the grading permit, and breaking ground.  Please pray for all that we are doing with these submittals, that in God's timing we will have a glorious groundbreaking and opportunity to build the new church.

What a perfect time, as we begin this new year, for each of us to internalize the "call to commitment".  Get involved, look for ways to volunteer, and come and worship with a great community of believers!

Blessings, and see you Sunday...
Pastor Dan
Home Groups Begin Week 1/17
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Home Group at the Rogers' Nov '15

Home groups resume the week of January 17. Each group will be studying the Book of James using resources from our new free subscription A/V service, RightNow Media.

The book of James has a great deal to say to us on our Journey with Christ. He deals with practical issues that we encounter along the way.  He tells us how to live when troubles hit and helps us use words more carefully and positively. James helps us understand how to value and use money and how to get the most out of each hour of each day. He helps us face up to the practical details of living a life in and with Christ.

  • CLICK HERE to view a preview of this 12-week study on James.
  • If you're interested in joining a Home Group CLICK HERE to sign up. We'll be in touch with you.
  • RightNow Media is free to Spirit of Joy members. If you can't log in, send email to  and we'll help you out.
Sunday Morning Helpers
January 3 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Boruff Family Sproat Family
Ushers: Hindman Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Dimmitt Family celebrating Dougan's Birth & Denise's Dad
Garcia Family in memory of Jeffrey & Claudia Sandy
January 10 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Carr Family Stefanik Family
Readers: John Trower Al Rogers
Ushers: Hindman Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Donna Zick in memory of Gordon Zick
January 17 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Bill & Nancy Clark Stemper Family
Readers: Jessica White Mona Snodgrass
Ushers: Hindman Team Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts: PATTY PAYNE
Flowers: Dacy family celebrating all the January Birthdays
January 24 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Jerry & Diane Cole Jessica White
Readers: Donna Zick Marilynn Sproat
Ushers: Hindman Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Elisabeth and Chuck Snyder celebrate their 54th Anniversary
Russ & Lilly Popma celebrating daughter Felicia's 50th Birthday
January 31 8:15 9:45
Greeters: Ben & Sylvia Collin Wilson Family
Readers: Sandy Aldern Jim Barlow
Ushers: Hindman Team Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts: DONNA ZICK
Flowers: Mona Snodgrass celebrating Mother-in-law Arlene's Birthday
Zook/Langum Families remembering husband/father & grandfather Rodney's Birthday