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Updates on Ramona’s Monument Corner
Rose and Scotty Evans

Our lovely Welcome to Ramona sign beyond the western edge of town is a much-appreciated and admired part of our community.  It was built and erected in 2007-2008 under the leadership of Arvie and John Degenfelder and the Ramona Trails Association and features the art work of Leslie Souza. Over the years a large number of volunteers have planted and installed irrigation, pruned, weeded, re-planted, and maintained Monument Corner. For those who know all this, the Ramona Monument represents inspired acts of love for Ramona.

Ongoing maintenance of the corner has continued to rely on volunteers. But as with many ongoing volunteer projects, in recent years it has been challenging to find the many willing and available hands that light work requires.  The volunteer pool was also crippled by San Diego County’s large liability insurance requirements that priced out most community groups who might be inclined to coordinate maintenance.

Rose and Scotty Evans, of Scotty’s Plantscapes, became aware of this problem last year.  Scotty is a long-time and well-known member of various Ramona community and planning groups and he and Rose decided to add Monument Maintenance to their long list of civic contributions. Thanks to their hard work the corner continues to be nicely maintained.  Scotty is already brainstorming ideas to revise and improve landscaping to accommodate encroachment when Caltrans begins their long-awaited realignment at that intersection within the next few months.

Pastor Dan Erlenbusch reported that Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church now owns the corner property under the monument. The County wanted to divest that corner and in November deeded it to Spirit of Joy.  As the new owners of Monument Corner, Pastor Dan reported that the church is sensitive to its responsibility to Ramona in maintain this beloved monument. Pastor Dan expects this transfer should simplify liability insurance problems for future volunteer work.  And he expressed thanks and appreciation to Scotty’s Plantscapes for their ongoing service to the community.

Pastor Dan also reported that Spirit of Joy hopes to break ground as early as Easter on their new church building on the nine acres behind the Monument. The planning process has been expensive and has lasted over fifteen years. He says the congregation is excited to move forward.  

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