Message Moment
Congregation in the Tent

Who could have imagined the incredible response from our congregation and community as we gathered together to celebrate the Risen Lord, and groundbreaking for the church.  Over 500-550 came to worship with sunrise service and Easter celebration at 10am.  To describe what transpired last Sunday is so hard to put into words.  I do believe that the wind of the Holy Spirit blew through the worship tent and everyone was filled with the fire of God's love.  The energy and excitement was felt each moment of the service from the opening prelude music to the Hallelujah Chorus. 

SOJ Youth Group

Thank you to everyone who helped to orchestrate all that took place on the land Easter Sunday. SOJ Building CommitteeThe list is a long one.... from Thursday, Friday, Saturday, to everything that went into making the day such a memorable one. 

SOJ Men's Fellowship

Thank you! Thank you! This will be a moment in the life of Spirit of Joy that will be remembered forever.

Pastor Dan & Karyn, Bishop Murray & Rhoda Finck

As we concluded, I must say it was fun for Karyn and myself to get up into the bulldozer and scoop up the dirt on the land too! There were so many new faces in our midst, and we pray that they will come and join us in this wonderful adventure!

Pastor Dan & Karyn, Bishop Murray & Rhoda Finck

It was good to have Bishop Murray and Rhoda Finck with us. They were so complimentary of the congregation and for the kindness and welcome and friendly greetings they received.

  Pastor Dan & Karyn at the Cross Easter Morning Long Time Ago

So, now the work begins as we ready ourselves to begin grading and framing the new church.  But, even more importantly, we must realize that our ministry and all that we are doing right now is of the utmost  importance in making the new site a Holy place filled with the vision and mission that Christ has set before us.

May we continue to be blessed with the grace of God in all that we are doing!

See you Sunday...
Pastor Dan
Thanks for the Photos
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Your Webmaster and eNewsletter Editor would like to thank you for your photo contributions over the past few weeks.

Thank you to Ray Gretlein for the photos of Pastor Dan's Saturday excursion on the Excavator,

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Thanks to Harvey Payne for his photos of the the Sunrise Service, excavator & youth.  

During the coming week we'll publish these and other photos of the Egg Hunt, Saturday Preparations, and Easter Sunday. Look for our links in next week's eNews.

And let this be a reminder that we are always looking for photos taken at SOJ Events... even if it includes only your own family. Next week we'll include a few family photos posted by our members on Facebook.

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Finally, we'd like to thank Kristin Zook for great photos of her family cleaning the church on a recent Saturday.

We'll feature her other family photos in next week's eNewsletter when we publish another request for volunteers to clean the church.  

Thus far, we have signed up families to clean for a month of Saturdays. But if you can't do a month, how about one or two Saturdays. I'm sure we can fit you in. More next week.