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We have officially moved into our summer days at Spirit of Joy.  The summer looks to be an extremely busy time in the life of the congregation. For our children and youth we have the Big Bear weeklong trip for Junior High, Vacation Bible School for preschool through sixth grade in July, and Houseboats for our Senior High Youth in August. 

Our Fellowship task force has planned a July 23rd bowling outing at 4pm at the Poway Bowl for the entire congregation. Plan on sharing in this great event midsummer.  

On Sunday, August 28th we will be celebrating Rally Day at Spirit of Joy.  This will include our Sunday School start-up, Home Groups, children, youth, and adult ministries, and a great afternoon gathering for the Pinewood Derby and BBQ. 

As we begin our fall season in late August, we are moving into a two fold emphasis in the life of the church.  The emphasis includes inward growth (that is, our personal journey in spiritual formation) and outward mission (our efforts in reaching out to the community and the world and working on outreach).

As we move into the month of July we are beginning to see activity out by the church property  The intersection at Highland Valley and Hwy 67 is being widened.  Along with that effort, Spirit of Joy will be stockpiling much of the dirt being moved from that intersection.  This will help us in our grading in the coming month.  We have now submitted what is expected to be the final plan for the grading permit.  Our hope is to see the dirt moving in August.  These truly are exciting times in our lives together, and we continue to pray that all the efforts going into the building will be blessed.  May all be to God's glory.  

In the meantime, it is important that we all are truly engaged in the life of the church, and our worship commitment.  Plan on being with us on Sunday.

See you Sunday,
Blessings, Pastor Dan
Stockpiling Dirt on the Land
Aerial View of The Land July 10, 2016

Thanks to Harvey Payne for flying his drone over our land to film events and document changes as they occur during our construction.

Harvey's latest video captures Hazard construction trucks stockpiling dirt on the land. They expect to drop more than 6,000 cubic yards of clean fill on our land. This saves them from having to haul it down the hill, and then it saves us from having to haul it back up the hill. Since we'll need around 10,000 yards of fill, this represents a huge savings for Spirit of Joy. Click here to see Harvey's two minute video on home page.

Harvey promises he'll share his periodic videos as he films them. THANK YOU, Harvey.

Thank-You Luau
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On Sunday, June 12, Spirit of Joy recognized and thanked all of the failthful volunteers to perform and enable much of the ministry and outreach efforts of Spirit of Joy. The festive appreciation Luau was hosted at the home of Diane and Jerry Cole. THANK YOU, Jerry, for sharing your photographs with this newsletter.

This newsletter also wishes to thank our dedicated workers. This list categorizes ministries, but names are listed only once under a single category. Many of these saints serve in multiple ministries:

Staff: Barb Dacy, Bryce & Britany Harrison, Alyssa Howland, Joan Brown, Pastor Dan

Home Groups: John & Laurie Boruff, Tori Barlow, Bev & Harvey Payne, Kay & Al Rogers

Council:  Ellen Ray, Tara Gehler, Roberta Gilmore, Jim Barlow, Robin White, Jeanette Bergstrom, Danny Donnelly, Mike Schuler, Dave Hickman, Jessica White

Sunday School: Janine Stemper, Karen Beggs, Jan Gretlein, Mick Hall, Dougan Dimmit

Nursery: Denise Dimmit

KidsKLUB: Tim Daniels, Amy Hall

Youth: Julie Vorce, David Hall, Trevor Stemper, Nick Stemper, Mikey Schuler

Women's Fellowship: Patricia Payne
Men's Fellowship: Bruce Hindeman
Audio/Visual: Andy Ray
Prayers and Squares: Marilynn Hersey
Bible Study: Dan Burroughs
Praise Team: Sara Quinn
Misc: Lilly Popma, Russ Popma


Sunday Morning Helpers

July 17 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Hillmer Family Krohne Family
Readers: Donna Zick Marilyn Sproat
Ushers: Bergstrom Team Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts: Jessica White
July 24 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Hindman Family Munoz Family
Readers: Sandy Aldern Jim Barlow
Ushers: Bergstrom Team Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts: Dottie & Dylan Hart
Flowers: Tim Hayes Family in honor of
dad Loyd Mason's Birthday
July 31 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Klem Family Porcelli Family
Readers: Alyssa Howland Dougan Dimmit
Ushers: Bergstrom Team Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts: Charbonneau Family
Flowers: Runzel Family in honor of
daughter Briana & Solomon's 1st Anniversary