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Car workshop
Need some help with your Pinewood Derby car?
Come to the workshop.
Sunday, August 21, 2-4pm
Chuck Snyder
Oak Tree Ranch
2239-101 Black Canyon Rd
Women's Bible study
Women's Bible Study is on Wednesday, September 14, not the 9th as reported.
RALLY DAY August 28

Put August 28 on your calendar...
      Then invite your friends and neighbors.
             All are welcome to our day-long celebration of the new school year.

Register for Sunday School

Rally Day is Spirit of Joy's traditional fall kick-off event and begins an exciting new Sunday School and Church Year.

Plan on attending a full day of activities (continue scrolling down to see more). It's always fun and rewarding.

View slideshows from prior years:  2015; 201420122011;  2010;  2009;


Pancake Breakfast 2015
Pancake Breakfast
by Men's Fellowship

Between Services

Stay late after first service
come early before second service

Good good, Good Fellowship
with family and friends

Youth BBQ 2015
BBQ Dinner 4:00
by Youth Fellowship

Join us at 4:00 before the Pinewood Derby

Mmmmm.... Good

And it helps our active youth group with their fundraising

8th annual pinewood derby 5:00
7th annual Pinewood Derby 2015

Fun... entertaining.... only somewhat competitive.... definitely a hoot!

Click Here to learn more
about participating in our 8th Annual SOJ Pinewood Derby
More Inward Growth, Outward Mission
Worship Easter Sunrise, 2016

Pastor Dan’s Sunday sermon provided two bookends for this week's newsletter commentary. He began with Luke 12:49-56 and concluded with Psalm 91

In Luke 49:56 Jesus admonishes the multitudes: You can discern the face of the sky and of the earth, but how is it you do not discern this time?

What an apt admonition for this political season: How do we discern this time in which we find ourselves? What, as believers, are we to do? Perhaps last week's August 9 Breakpoint Commentary can help answer this question (from one of the many ministries founded by the late Chuck Colson). Below are a number of excerpts:

[Regardless of where your political view is] … I hope there are some things on which we Christians can agree.

First, our deepest problems aren’t political ones, and the state is not able to address them. Looking to the state for hope is always misguided, but every four years we seem to fall for it.

Second, although the presidential race is the only one being talked about, the most important political decisions we will make this year, I'm convinced, will be the local ones. The only thing to mitigate the chaos created by an ever-encroaching federal government convinced of its own indispensability is a stronger local, civil society.

Third, as Eric [Metaxas] said recently on BreakPoint, the Church must be the Church. Look, the Church is not reliant one bit on the state to do the life-giving, Gospel-proclaiming, brokenness-restoring work God has called it to do. The Church is the most effective institution of social change, period.

And finally, but most important, we pray for God’s mercy. He judges the wicked by leaving them to their own devices. The sooner we abandon those devices and turn back to God, the better.  And, I am not speaking here about “them,” those outside the Church. No way. As Peter wrote in his first epistle, “it’s time for judgment to begin in the house of God.”

However you interpret the times we live in, we must remember that the Bible (and even history) teach us that God is sovereign. But he also desires his followers to work his will. How do we do this?

Inward Growth will prepare our minds and hearts to hear and obey God. This will bring the kinds of heart attitudes to discern the time in which we live and prepare our hearts and minds to turn to Outward Mission. Only then can we reach outward to love our neighbors in word, deed and truth... and we know for a fact that this is the will of God.

So as we embark on this challenging yet exciting time in the life of Spirit of Joy, Pastor Dan’s concluding remarks on Sunday from Psalm 91:10-11 should comfort us:

No evil shall befall you…
For He shall give His angels charge over you,
To keep you in all your ways.
Coming in September
Men's Retreat
Fri, Sep 9 – Sun, Sep 11

Penasquitos Lutheran Church has invited Spirit of Joy and other men from around Southern California to join them in their Men's Retreat for 2016. Pastor Jeremey King of Radiant Church in Huntington Beach will share his life’s message of personal transformation. We'll enjoy worship, fellowship, and hang out together. It will be the event of the year for Spirit of Joy men as we get to know one another.

  • $190 Premium  (Hotel Style, 2/room)
  • $165 Standard (Dormitory Style, 8/room)

Register now (Select the 2016 Men's Retreat and then register as a GUEST.)

Camp Oakbridge is 12 miles east of Spirit of Joy just off Hwy 78,

See the kiosk for more info, or contact

Men & Women Bible Studies
Women's Study
September 9

Are you searching for a way you can relate your everyday life with the Bible. Come out and join the Women's Bible Study. We meet the second Wednesday of each month at 7-8:30 pm and convene in a different home every month. Carpoolers will leave from the church at 6:30pm.

Our first meeting of the 2016-2017 year is on September 14 at Linda Porcelli's house in Poway,  Carpooling at church at 6:30.

All women are invited — and please bring your friends.

For more information contact Linda Porcelli.

Men's Study
September 3

Men's Saturday Bible Study begins September 3, 6:30-8:00 as we read and discuss C.S. Lewis' masterpiece, Mere Christianity. Sign up on kiosk to reserve a book, or send email to

Join us every first and third Saturday as we do just this.

Anatomy of a Disciple
Home groups
week of Aug 28-Sept 3

You have a purpose in this life. Do you believe that? Do you live like it’s true? Walk together in your Home Group through this journey of The Anatomy of a Disciple. It will give you a clear, thorough picture of Jesus’ life and what it means to be His disciple. You'll learn how to live out the teachings of the Bible in a practical, relatable way.

This study will prepare us to heed Jesus command in Matt 28:18, "go and make disciples of all nations" as we begin the process of reaching out into the community around us.

Click here for more information on our Home groups.

Click here to view an introduction to The Anatomy of a Disciple

Coming Events
Sun, Aug 28,
Rally Day All Day
Sun, Aug 28,
Home Groups Resume This Week
Sat, Sep 3 7:30 am
SOJMen Bible Study: Mere Christianity
Fri, Sep 9 6:00 pm
Called UP: Men's Retreat
Fri, Sep 9 7:40 pm
Lutheran Choir Night at Petco Park
Wed, Sep 14 7:00 pm
Women's Bible Study Resumes
Sun, Oct 23 6:00 pm
SOJ Men's Fellowship Dinner
SOJ Men's Annual Fellowship Dinner potluck & program.
Mon, Nov 14 5:30 pm
Spirits of Grace serve Open Doors

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Weekly Activities
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11-12:30 High School
8-9am: Bible Study
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7-8am: Men's Breakfast
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Men's Bible Study
On hiatus until September, 2016.
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