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It truly is hard to believe that we have begun our fall season.  With Rally Day coming earlier this year, our ministries are now in full swing.  We have been lifting up our two fold emphasis this year: our inward spiritual growth, and our outward mission.  On Sunday, August 28th we celebrated our vision by sharing in a delicious breakfast provided by the men, worship and kick off of our 8 week series on "The Anatomy of a Disciple", Youth BBQ and the annual Pinewood Derby.  What a GREAT day for us at Spirit of Joy.

This week of August 28th also begins our Home Groups, with five groups meeting on a weekly basis for dinner, fellowship, and study.  As the groups study Anatomy of a Disciple, we will preach each week on a topic that applies to the study.  These include:

  • God's Calling,
  • Weeding out pride in our lives,
  • Living the Word of God,
  • Blessing those around us,
  • Moral discernment,
  • Being in relationship with others, and
  • Being a disciple.

If you cannot attend Home Groups, go to and sign in to watch the sessions in your home. (If you don't yet have an account at RightNow Media, select the "Request Invitation" link.)

All of our ministries: Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, Prayers and Squares, Children and Youth Ministries, Bible Studies...and so much more are set for the fall schedule... check out the calendar at We pray that you will make your commitment to be involved.

An update on the building:  We are in the FINAL stage of final documents to the county so that we can pull our grading permit.  This will happen very soon and we will begin to see dirt moving on the land.  With this in mind, it is critical that we continue to grow our building fund.  We will need every dollar that you are able to give to make this vision a reality.  If you are able to give over and above your commitment to the building, that would be a blessing. We encourage that also for the general fund.  The general fund helps us do all that we do in ministry, and we need your gifts, commitments, and over and above giving.  We thank you in advance for your faithfulness.

Our worship on Sundays will now include Sunday School at both hours.  First service has Sunday School for preschool through sixth grade.  Second service Sunday School includes preschool through high school.   We have been excited about worship as we have watched our second service grow to the point of being full the last several Sundays.  We have also been very grateful for all the special summer music shared at our services.  We will continue to grow as we reach out and invite others to share in the great things that God is doing in this place.

So, lets make this the best fall season ever by getting involved, and praying that God will bless us with vision, and the reality of building His church.

See you Sunday,
Blessings, Pastor Dan
Men Launch New Bible Study
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On Saturday, September 3, the Saturday Men's Bible Study launches a brand new study. It will be a leisurely yet in-depth investigation of the case for Christianity. It will be the perfect complement to our primary 2017 theme, inward growth, outward ministry and pairs well with our current topic, the Anatomy of a Disciple.

The men will  read and discuss the book, Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis

It will be leisurely because there will be no take-home discussion guide to wade through: Show up on Saturday morning with your book in hand (see below) and read the chapter together. Because each chapter was a radio broadcast by the BBC in the depths of World War II, each one is short, so it will be quick reading.

It will be in-depth because this is one of the premier apologetic works published in all of the 20th century, and C.S. Lewis is an acclaimed lion of Christian exposition.

For more information visit our Web site at You'll also find a suggested schedule for all meetings through June, 2017.

Sessions begin at 8:00 and finish as close to 9:00 as possible. But come early this Saturday for breakfast at 7:30. Richard Sinkiewicz is cooking.


We are excited about this study and hope you will join us.

Sunday Morning Helpers

September 4 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Mason Family Scott Family
Readers: John Trower Ellen Ray
Ushers: BartlettTeam Barlow Team
Flowers: Richard & Karen Elston celebrate their 61st Anniversary
Shirley Emge celebrating Chuck & Gene's Birthdays
September 11 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Masters Family Serra Family
Readers: Jessic White Al Rogers
Ushers: BartlettTeam Barlow Team
Flowers: Gehler Family in memory of Don
September 18 8:15 10:00
Greeters: McCarthy Family Snodgrass Famly
Readers: Donna Zick Christy Serra
Ushers: BartlettTeam Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts: BOB & JOYCE CURWIN
Flowers: Frank & Linda Porcelli in memory of Raymond Porcelli
September 25 8:15 10:00
Greeters: McCullen Family Sproat Family
Readers: Sandy Aldern Mona Snodgrass
Ushers: BartlettTeam Barlow Team
Flowers: John & Laurie Boruff celebrating their 38th Anniversary
Ellen & Andy Ray celebrating their 10th Anniversary
Everybody gets to be a greeter (we rotate active member families). Would you like to be a reader? Can you bring snacks & juice for coffee host time? Would you like to sponsor altar flowers? How about being an usher for your service? Altar guild could use your help preparing for communion. See the kiosk for charts or clipboards to help and be an active participant here at spirit of joy!