Russ Popma Rescues Monument Plants

The Welcome to Ramona Monument corner is in the news again due to watering problems. In early August Spirit of Joy began receiving complaints that plants around the monument were dying.  Apparently CalTrans had  removed the existing water meter sometime in June or July but had never notified Pastor Dan.


When he learned of the problem, Pastor Dan asked Russ Popma to organize a bucket brigade to save the remaining plants. Every week Russ hauls 150-300 gallons of water and manually irrigates the plants.  This includes lifting multiple gallons of water to the shrubs in the monument planters. Unfortunately, the gazanias and geraniums were  lost. However the roses are coming back and all others seem to be doing well.

Pastor Dan stated that we expect to begin grading in September. Eventually, in the course of construction a new water meter will be installed.  We'll then install low-water xeriscape in front of the monument. Until then, that ground will remain bare.
Rally Day & Pinewood Derby

Rally Day was its usual festive celebration of the beginning of a new school year. Attendance was up, with lots and lots of Sunday School and youth and their parents in attendance.

Enjoy the photos below, and then CLICK HERE to view the complete slide show of Rally Day 2016, including the Pinewood Derby.

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