Padres' Lutheran Choir Night
Spirit of Joy Choir at Padres Lutheran Church Night
On September 9 four of our choir members joined with fellow Lutherans from San Diego County to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” before the Padres vs. Rockies baseball game.  In all there were 160 voices!  It was especially nice to reacquaint with singers from Incarnation Lutheran Church in Poway and some of the Mission Choir who had traveled on the choir tour to Ireland.
We Need Christmas Cantata Singers

Come One, Come All!
Saturday, September 17
9:00 – 10:30 AM
“Meet ‘n Greet” in the sanctuary
to listen to and learn about this year’s
Christmas Cantata,
Jesus, The Advent of the Messiah,
presented at both worship services
Sunday, December 11th.

Singers are needed for all sections!
Parts are not complicated.
Vocal ranges are comfortable.
Your fellow singers will support you.
Practice CD’s and books will be passed out.


Group rehearsals begin
Saturday, Oct. 22
9:00 – 10:00 AM

Talk to Joan Brown
or leave a message with the church office.

If you can carry a tune,
we have a place for you!
God's Work, Our Hands Sunday Oct. 23

Sunday, October 23 is a special Sunday celebration of our autumn church-wide theme, Inward Growth, Outward Ministry.

On God's Work, Our Hands Sunday, October 23, (formerly called WeCare) we will have only one worship service at 9:00. During this service we will be commissioned to go out into the community to perform a variety community service projects.

We are currently identifying these projects and could use your help finding the needs we can help meet.

If you know of a person, family, or organization that has an unmet need for assistance please let us know... anyone or anywhere within the Ramona Community (whether or not they are members of Spirit of Joy).


For instance, if you know someone in need of clothing, assistance with meals, maternity needs, transportation, home repair or maintenance, or other needs, please let us know.

Please send us:

  • Name of individual or group
  • Description of the need
  • Phone
  • Email address if available

We are also looking for other ideas and suggestions to include in our special God's Work, Our Hands Sunday.

Please send your information to Ellen Ray at
Men's Retreat Last Weekend
Men's Retreat at Oakbridge Camp
SOJ member Dougan Dimmit, center and Pastor Rob Horne, 3rd from right

Spirit of Joy Men's Fellowship was invited to join Penasquitos Lutheran Church's Men's Retreat, held last weekend at Oakbridge Camp. The retreat was organized by Rob Horne, Associate Pastor at PLC. Rob was our former youth pastor and is Pastor Dan & Karen's son-in-law.

The weekend's theme was, "Called Up," to be the Men that God intended, created to be like him... in our hears, our character, and our actions. Since we carry His very breath, we are the evidence for God.

The retreat featured a series of presentations by a gifted young Lutheran pastor from Huntington Beach, in-depth discussions, spirited games and a serious horseshoe competition. Food was good, cameraderie was powerful, and the spiritual dimensions were unsurpassed. All of us came away with a strong sense of spiritual growth.

Oakbridge camp is a Young Life retreat center and camp north of the Witch Creek Fire station 12 miles east of Ramona.

SOJ Men can look forward to another invitation next year to join PLC's Men's Retreat.
Coming Events
Wed, Sep 14 7:00 pm
Women's Bible Study Resumes
Sat, Sep 17 9:00 am
Christmas Choir Meet & Greet
Sun, Oct 23 9:00 am
God's Work, Our Hands Sun
Only one Worship Service this Sun. Then we'll spread out through Ramona to perform a variety of community service projects. Let us know if you are aware of any unmet needs for assistance.
Mon, Nov 14 5:30 pm
Spirits of Grace serve Open Doors
Sun, Jan 22 6:00 pm
SOJ Men's Fellowship Dinner
SOJ Men's Annual Fellowship Dinner potluck & program.

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