God's Work, Our Hands
Ramona Pregnancy Care Clinic

Sunday, October 23 is a special Sunday celebration of our autumn church-wide theme, Inward Growth, Outward Ministry. On God's Work, Our Hands Sunday we will have only one worship service at 9:00.

During this service we will be commissioned to go out into the community to perform a variety community service projects. For instance, we are working with Ramona Pregnancy Care Clinic and In His Steps Recovery Christian Homes to identify current needs that we can fulfill.

You will be able to choose and sign up for a project that meets your interests and abilities.Those who prefer to work at Church can sign up for one of the charitable projects that can be worked on there.

In His Steps Christian Recovery Homes

Other projects we're planning include:

  • Trash pickup along Main Street
  • Tying ties onto Prayer Quilts (At the church)
  • A signup for donations for those who feel called to help financially
  • Children's projects to make cards and greetings for first responders and packages of clothes & meal delivery
  • Yard cleanup program through the Senior Center
  • And more

  We are also looking for other ideas and suggestions to include in our special God's Work, Our Hands Sunday and could use your help. If you know of a person, family, or organization that has an unmet need for assistance please let us know... anyone or anywhere within the Ramona Community (whether or not they are members of Spirit of Joy). For instance, if you know someone in need of clothing, assistance with meals, maternity needs, transportation, home repair or maintenance, or other needs, please let us know.

Please send us:
   The name of individual or group
   A description of the need
   A phone number
   An email address if available

Please send your information to Ellen Ray at prayerline@sojchurch.com.

Other Ways You Can Help!

You can make an important contribution to our church mission by praying for and contributing to these needs:

  • All year long we are grateful for your donations of paper goods and related items for the kitchen & bathrooms at the church, including paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, paper plates, coffee cups, drinking cups, plastic utensils, even coffee. You can save your receipt and turn it in to the office to receive credit on your annual statement of giving for tax purposes.
  • Bulletin Prayer list changes can be written on the copy from your bulletin and placed in the offering plate (we update the list every week).
  • Submit your urgent Prayer Requests to our Prayer Team at prayerline@sojchurch.com
  • Our own Prayers & Squares is a nation-wide prayer & quilting ministry that makes prayer quilts for anyone you know who is in distress, pain, grief, sadness or depression, or any other prayer need. All you have to do is request a quilt to your specifications, or select one of the many already prepared. And if you have an interest in quilting yourself you can make the world a better place by volunteering to be one of our dedicated quilters.
Thank you for helping!


Through the coming weeks and months Pastor Dan is preaching on topics related to our Home Group study series. Therefore, the pre-printed Lectionary scriptures on the back of the bulletin will not relate to his sermon topics.

Therefore, until further notice, Pastor Dan requests you to bring your own Bible to church.

 Any version is fine, but if you have a standard study translation we suggest you bring it as it will be easier to follow than one of the popular paraphrased versions. (Examples: English Standard (ESB), New American Standard (NASB), New King James (NKJ), New International Version 1984 (NIV 1984), and many others.)

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