Why Do You Believe?

Pastor Dan's sermon last Sunday once again touched on many important teachings regarding the Gospel of Jesus Christ and on becoming His disciples. One section of his sermon bears noting and remembering, especially as we begin to reach out into greater Ramona.

Pastor Dan offered six ideas to answer the question, "Why do you believe?"

  1. I believe the accounts of multiple eyewitnesses. The four Gospels plus Acts are filled with first-hand accounts of people who were with Jesus, who heard him teach and tell stories and parables, and who witnessed and even participated in miracles and healings. Several witnessed his passion, execution, burial, resurrection, and ascension.
  2. I believe because of the Christian Ethic.  In a world where most "justice" is thinly disguised "revenge," Jesus' teaching was revolutionary and world-changing. Ideas such as love your enemy, do good to those who despise you, walk an extra mile, be the Good Samaritan literally changed the world. Believers have worked for two thousand years to make this world a better place.
  3. I believe because of the compelling picture of God in Jesus, who is the very image of God in flesh and blood.

When we look upon the face of Jesus we see the heart and soul of God. Jesus' life, His works, His message are so compelling that we can hardly not follow.  Joy bubbles up just being in His presence.

  1. I believe because of the redemptive power of the cross.  We live in a fallen world.  The word we use is Sin.  Our sin, our disobedience, caused a great chasm to open between us and God.  The cross is the bridge across that chasm.  And the cross points to the depth of God's love for us.  God didn't just abandon us when we did wrong.  God's love for us is so deep, God sent His only Son who gave His life on the cross for us.
  2. I believe because of the hope we have through life after death. Christianity is the only religion which offers the hope and promise of resurrection.  I don't know how I would face death or help others face death without the gift and promise and hope of the resurrection.  That one day, we will be raised to life eternal.
  3. I believe because of my own personal experience.  I experienced God's gifts of Mercy and Grace. I continue to receive the gift of God's of forgiveness. I experience the security and peace of fellowship with Jesus. I live in a loving and supportive community of fellow believers.
Prayers & Squares Looks for Quilters
Article Title

The answer to prayer is
  a powerful thing.
No one can know
  what the answer will bring.
Where will one be
  or when will it come?
How will it touch someone,
  or even where from?
A Prayer Quilt can be
  such a humbling gift,
Bring comfort and healing,
  from sadness, a lift.
Great memories flow when
  its prayer knots are touched,
Of how prayer can heal one.
  It matters so much!
So this Prayer Quilt we give you,
  with prayers sent above,
And its prayer knots all tied
  as a symbol of love!

Marilyn M. Shaw

We need quilters

This is a wonderful time to get involved in a Christian outreach that goes around the world.

  • Become a Spirit of Joy Prayers and Squares Quilter
    • Quilts bless the lives of people around the world
    • If you would like to learn how to quilt, we’ll teach you
    • If you don’t have a sewing machine, talk to us
  • Order a Prayer Quilt for a neighbor, acquaintance, friend, relative.
    • Find and print an order form at sojchurch.com/p&s
    • Drop by the office and pick up an order form
    • Talk to Marilyn Hersey or any of the other P&S ladies
  • Sign Up for P&S on God's Work, Our Hands Sunday
Safe Trick or Treats October 31 3-6pm

Spirit of Joy is once again participating in Ramona Merchants' Safe Trick or Treat on Halloween, October 31, from 3-6pm. Dress up your children, family, and friends for this community wide event along Main Street And remember to save plenty of time to and stop at Spirit of Joy to for treats and games.Click here for a slideshow of last year's event.

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