Music Notes December 2016

This Sunday, December 11, Festival Choir will present the cantata “Jesus, The Advent of the Messiah” at 8:15 and 10:00AM.  I hope you will invite your family, friends, and others you greet to attend.

Here are some thoughts from the writers:

“It is my prayer that both the text and the music of this work will find their way into your hearts and reside there.  More than any performance, we long to exalt the name of the One who said, ‘If I be lifted up, I will draw all people to myself.’  Jesus, how we love Your name!”

“This musical reflects solely on this Holy Child.  We examine the impact of His arrival and what it meant for all who would receive this life-altering gift.”

“One of the greatest joys of the holidays is the coming together of friends and family to celebrate the season of Christmas.  This gathering is not unlike the one that occurred when Jesus was born.  The census brought many back to Bethlehem, including Mary and Joseph.  The news of Jesus’ impending birth cued angels and shepherds, and ultimately wise men, to come to the manger.  The significant events surrounding Christ’s birth still impact us today.  He was a baby sent to change everything.  He was Jesus!”
This Week's Construction Video

The current grading removes top soil down to bedrock or hardpan, then compacting it as they put it back in place. We expect grading to be finished by Christmas. Click on the image above to view the current video. Thanks again to Harvey for flying his drone.

Don't Miss December Events Listed Below

Also note that there will be only ONE worship service on Christmas and New Year's Sunday.

Coming Events
Sat, Dec 10 9:00 am
Christmas Festival Choir
Rehearsal 9:00-11:00 am
Sun, Dec 11,
Christmas Festival Sun
Sun, Dec 11 4:00 pm
Annual Christmas Gathering
Wed, Dec 14 7:00 pm
NO Dec Women's Bible Study
There will be NO Dec Women's Bible Study next Wed, Dec 14.
Sat, Dec 24,
Christmas Eve Services
Sun, Dec 25 10:00 am
Single Christmas Worship 10:00 am
Sun, Jan 1 10:00 am
Single New Year Worship 10:00 am

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8:15: SS preK-6th grade
10:00: SS preK-High School
6:30-8pm: Junior High
Sunday: 1st & 3rd A.M.
11-12:30 High School
8-9am: Bible Study
6-7pm: Bible Study
9am: Prayers & Squares
4-6pm: Kids Klub
7-8:30pm: High School
7-8am: Men's Breakfast
First Wednesday
9:30am: Spirits of Grace
7pm: Choir
9:00am Festival Choir Rehearsal
Through Dec, 10
9:00am: Church Cleanup
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NO breakfast at 7:30
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