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As we begin our month of February we are thankful for our worship life together, and our wonderful church family.  The rain has delayed our grading and under grounding on the church property.  It is good to see the land dry enough to finish the grading, underground, and onsite and off site work.  Please keep the efforts of all involved in your daily prayers.

We hope that you will be encouraged with our worship, music, and ministry each week.  It is so very important for us to sense the call to invite others to share in the joy we have here.

We will begin our Lenten season on Ash Wednesday, March 1.  This service will include message, music, Holy Communion, and ashes (if you so desire). 

Each Wednesday following we will gather for soup suppers at 6:15pm, and devotional.  In this 500th Anniversary year of the Reformation, we will stand with Martin Luther at the foot of the cross each week, contemplating the ways in which we stand firm in the faith as followers of Christ.  You will also receive a key chain reminder  (Alleluia, Christ is Risen), and a Lenten devotional booklet entitled, "Moving Toward the Cross".  

During Holy Week we will have the Passover meal on Thursday 6pm, Good Friday service at 7pm, Easter Egg Hunt at 10am, and Easter Services at 6:30am on the building site, and 8;15am & 10am at the church.

These are certainly great times in the life of our congregation.  Plan to look for ways to volunteer (see below) and get involved.  Blessings to you all, Pastor Dan 

See you Sunday!
Blessings to you all, Pastor Dan
Work Crew on the Land Jan 28
Flood Mitigation

Thanks to the sixteen hard-working volunteers who came out on a very muddy Saturday morning last week to "Drain the Swamp." This entailed a great deal of slogging around in deep mud and shoveling the heavy stuff back to where it belonged. That mission was accomplished and the tractors are getting ready to go back to work.

Harvey was there working but took time off to get some nice aerial shots of the work in progress. Click Here to see his latest aerial video.

Work Crew on the Land Jan 28

The work scheduled for this Saturday is still needed. but the date has been moved back to February 11.

This work should be a bit easier: We need to install many yards of straw wattles for on-going erosion control. It shouldn't be heavy work;  but since they must be staked to the ground every two feet, there will be a lot of pounding to do.

So break out your short and long sledge hammers and your work clothes and boots and set your alarm so you can join us on the land on Saturday, Feb 11, 8:00am.

Men's Bible Study This Saturday

Since there will be no workday this week, the Men's Bible Study will meet as usual on this coming First Saturday in February, 8-9am.

Newcomers welcome

If you have never attended our Saturday Morning Bible Study we encourage you to give it a try. We're currently reading and discussing C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity. On every First and Third Saturday of the month, we read together and then discuss one chapter of this 20th Century classic book. It's a great way to learn the basics of our Christian Faith and to get to know a bunch of great SOJ men. All ages are welcome.

Tithing Testimonies

Spirit of Joy has been asked to participate in a synod-wide project of sharing tithing testimonies. The goal is to create a collection of stories of people’s positive experiences of tithing and publish them as a devotional/inspirational book.

An example: You tithe regularly, as part of your response to God’s love in your life. You’re out of money,,, completely... and a major appliance breaks down. You pray about it and two days later, you receive the money in some form that enables you to replace/repair the appliance. God is good!

If you have a story you’d be willing to share, please let us know. You can talk to Ellen Ray in person, by phone/text (858.525.2334), or by email at


Sunday Morning Helpers
February 5 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Beggs Family Avera Family
Readers: Karen Dietmeyer Dougan Dimmitt
Ushers: BartlettTeam Barlow Team
Flowers: Friends of Sheila Gery in memory of her Mom Mary
Marv & Milly Utech
February 12 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Bergstrom Family Barlow Family
Readers: Shirley Emge Mick Hall
Ushers: BartlettTeam Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts: Hillmer Family
Flowers: Hall Family celebrating Amy's Dad's 90th Birthday
Robin & Charlie White celebrating their
19th Anniversary
February 19 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Boruff Family Beckman Family
Readers: Ralph Kling Glenda McCarthy
Ushers: BartlettTeam Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts:
Flowers: Will & Christy Serra celebrating their
19th Wedding Anniversary
February 26 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Joyce Channon Bumgardner Family
Readers: Richard Sinkiewicz Bev Payne
Ushers: BartlettTeam Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts: Marge Gould & Pat Schultz
Flowers: Carol Miller in honor of her first grandchild
Mona Snodgrass in thanks for
God's blessings and faithfulness

Cleaning Crew for February is Dave Hamblin
Council Installation Sunday Feb. 12 both services
Valentines Bake Sale is Sunday Feb. 12 between services
Youth Winter Retreat is Feb 17-20

Everybody gets to be a greeter (we rotate active member families). Would you like to be a reader? Can you bring snacks & juice for coffee host time? Would you like to sponsor altar flowers? How about being an usher for your service? Altar guild could use your help preparing for communion. See the kiosk for charts or clipboards to help and be an active participant here at Spirit of Joy!