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We have moved into the month of May with our spring season at Spirit of Joy going forward. We continue our studies with Women and Men's fellowship, Monday Bible studies, and our Home Groups meeting with the theme "Unstuck".

The children and youth meet on a weekly basis with program, study, and incredible fellowship together.

Our worship life will include some very special Sundays in May. 

  • On May 7th, children who have completed the First Communion Classes will receive their First Communion in worship with their families.  Each young person will receive a gift from Spirit of Joy to commemorate this great day in their faith journey. 
  • On Sunday, May 14th, we will celebrate Mothers Day and the gift of the family.  Gifts will be given to all who attend.  Plan to share in this wonderful day in the life of the church. Once again we will share in our Memorial Day service with recognition and special music in our worship.
  • Please plan on attending the congregational meeting set for 9:30am, Sunday, May 21st.   This meeting will be a time to update everyone on the construction taking place and our building project.  Along with this update, we will also be sharing where we are headed with staffing our ministry at Spirit of Joy.  This is an important time for us, so please make every effort to attend.  

As we continue to move forward with all that we do together in ministry, I want to encourage you to be an active participant in worship and ministry at Spirit of Joy.  As we look ahead to building on our property, every one of us is needed to make the ministry complete.  How critical it is for us to be invitational.  We all have those in our lives that are just waiting to be invited to worship.  Plan on doing just that....invite a family member, a friend, a neighbor, to come and catch the vision that God has placed before us in this community.

See you Sunday. Pastor Dan
Latest Construction Photos
Construction 21April 2017
April 21

It looks like they are just about laying all the underground stuff. Soon they'll be filling it all in and we can start on the foundation.?  Harvey Payne, 21 Apr 2017,

Construction Video 4/28/2017
April 28

They are filling in the holes, so soon we'll be able to start laying the foundation. At least, that's what I think will happen next. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Enjoy this footage of filling in the holes.  Harvey Payne, 28 Apr 2017

Click on the photos above to view the respective slide show.
Stand Down Needs Volunteers
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Since the first San Diego Stand Down was created in 1988  it has become a national model to assist homeless veterans. There are now over 200 Stand Down events nation-wide.

This year's Stand Down at San Diego High School on July 21-23 is looking for 2,500 volunteers. This is a great opportunity to get together with family and friends and make a valuable contribution to those in need.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Stand Down;
CLICK HERE to volunteer.

Sunday Morning Helpers
May 7 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Popmas Hietala Family
Readers: Sandy Aldern Dougan Dimmitt
Ushers: Bergstrom Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Russ & Lilly Popma in Memory of our Parents
Hietala Family Celebrating Brandi's
Master's Graduation
May 14 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Carol Miller Hayes Family
Readers: Laurie Boruff Mick Hall
Ushers: Bergstrom Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Jan & Ray Gretlein Mothers' Day
Soucy Family Celebrating Christopher's 9th Birthday
May 21 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Moore Family Hindman Family
Readers: Karen Dietmeyer Alyssa Howland
Ushers: Bergstrom Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Jim & Gee Berbrich Celebrating Jim's Birthday
May 28 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Muse Family Kendzor Family
Readers: Shirley Emge Zara Wilson
Ushers: Bergstrom Team Barlow Team
Coffee Hosts: AVERA FAMILY
Flowers: Tjosaas Family in Memory & Honor of
our Armed Forces
Steven Barker & Jessica White celebrating their WEDDING TODAY
Everybody gets to be a greeter (we rotate active member families). Would you like to be a reader? Can you bring snacks & juice for coffee host time? Would you like to sponsor altar flowers? How about being an usher for your service? Altar guild could use your help preparing for communion. See the kiosk for charts or clipboards to help and be an active participant here at spirit of joy!