Alyssa Announces Her Departure
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Dear Friends and Family of Spirit of Joy Children's and Youth Ministry,

It's with a mix of different emotions that I announce to you, and your families, that this is my last month as the Spirit of Joy Children's and Youth Director. I will be finishing out the school year with the kids and programming, but will be off church payroll as of June 1st. Let me say this first: while I am stepping down from the position, I am staying active and involved in the ministries. 


WHY? I love this job. To even call it a job is ridiculous because it's more than that to me and always will be. But at this time, as I change and grow, I have become excited to pursue other career options. Ministry and serving in ministry will always be a huge part of my life, and I am excited that I can continue to serve in the church even as an unpaid lay person. 

WHY NOW? The church and I have prayerfully considered when this transition would take place. Not only do I believe that now is a good time to bring in another person to grow the ministry (get their feet set before we transition to a new church building), but we were waiting until we found the right person for the job... and we have found him! His name is Luke Rios.

WHO IS LUKE? Luke Rios is a San Diego native with a passion for ministry. As a 23 year old (the age I was when I stepped into the position... wow...!) he has interned at a variety of churches, served in the church most of his life, and is studying Christian Ministries with an emphasis on Christian Leadership at Point Loma Nazarene University. He has a passion for seeing youth raised up in the image of Christ, is a gifted speaker and worship leader. 

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?  Not much will change for a while. I am announcing to Youth and Families tonight that I will be transitioning out, and announcing to the church on Sunday. The rest of the month Luke will be shadowing me and the services as he gets a feel for how things are done. Be sure to come say, hi--you are sure to like him! Luke is officially taking over summer programming, but the two of us will be handling it together, and then he hits the ground running in August. 

CHILDREN'S MINISTRY: With this transition, and our excitement to pour more into our ministries, we are excited to announce that Denise Dimmitt, our current Nursery Director, will be expanding her role to oversee Sunday School, VBS, KidsKLUB, and the Nursery. 

I cannot express to you my gratitude for these past years serving at Spirit of Joy Church. This is my family and I love it dearly. I could not ask for a more blessed church to be a part of and am THRILLED that I can (and will) continue to serve this church with a passion. My relationships with your families and kids will not change when I step down, even if my role officially does. 

Thank you for your support. It's been an amazing, heart-filled, life-changing five years and I am excited to be a part of many more with you, your kids, and this church.

Please reach out if you have any further questions. I am open to continue the discussion with you and your kids about what this transition will look like.

With much love and many blessings,
Congregational Meeting Sunday 9:30 am

Please do not miss our important congregational meeting on Sunday, 9:30 am between services.

We'll be receiving important updates regarding pending changes in our construction plans as well as further staffing changes at Spirit of Joy.

So come to 8:15 service and stay late or come early at 9:30am to the second service and keep up-to-date with our vital church ministry.


VBS & Summer Programs Need Your Help

Alyssa reports that we need lots of help to ensure a successful summer for our children, so please consider helping out as described below:

    Sign up for one, or multiple Sundays, to lead an easy & relaxed Sunday School Lesson. 
    We hope to give our regular Sunday School teachers a break, while still providing something during the service for young kids/families. Leading the lessons are easy because they are video based! You just need to show up provide a little set-up and clean-up, sign kids in and out, and you're done! 
    We need Nursery help, and are implementing a new year-long strategy to spread out the Nursery help. It's simple! Sign up for a month of Nursery duty for either 1st or 2nd service. For that month of Nursery Duty, you are on-call if anyone 0-5 y/o needs Nursery Care. Otherwise, you can sit in the service like a normal Sunday. 
  3. VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL  July 10-14 8 am - 12 pm
    Roles we have to fill:
    2-3 Creative Minds to help design the church decorating plan
    5-6 Station Leaders to run the Snack, Activity, Game, Journal stations, together
    2 Registration Table Leaders (to man the registration table, and help with administrative tasks during the week)
    ALL the help we can get decorating: Saturday July 8th, 10 am - 5 pm (ish) decorating, and Sunday July 9th 11 am - 5 pm and clean-up Friday July 14 11 am - 3 pm. All days are a party where the WHOLE FAMILY is invited to help us transform the church into a magical week of VBS. Food is usually provided.
    6-8 Student Helpers (12 - 17 y/o)
If you're interested in helping, look for sign ups at church or send email to Alyssa at
Coming Events
Sun, May 21 9:30 am
Congregational Meeting Between Services
Stay late or come early to hear a special update on our ongoing construction plans and pending staffing changes. You'll want to be there.
Sun, Jun 11 2:00 pm
Annual Church Picnic
Our annual Congregational Picnic will be held Sun afternoon, Jun 11 (location to be announced). We'll share in BBQ and music, games, and swimming. This will be a great time for the whole family, so put this date on your calendar and come and join us for a fellowship time together.
Wed, Jun 14 6:30 pm
Women's Bible Study Continues
Mon, Jul 10 9:00 am
Vacation Bible School Jul 10-14
Mon, Aug 14 5:30 pm
Spirits of Grace serve Open Door meals
Sun, Aug 27,
Rally Day All Day
Kick off the new school year at Spirit of Joy's annual Rally Sun. Sun School Registration at 8:15 service, between services, and at 10:00 service; Pancake Breakfast; Youth BBQ Dinner; and Pinewood Derby.

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