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It is hard to believe that we are moving quickly through these summer days. We have enjoyed Vacation Bible School, Summer Sunday School at our second service, youth events, and worship together.

The month of August will be filled with worship together each week, Houseboats for our youth, Junior High outing to Aquatica, preparations for the fall season with Home Groups, Kids Klub, Junior and Senior High youth ministry, fellowship events, Bible Study, and so much more. Spirit of Joy is a vital, alive congregation doing ministry every week and reaching all ages.

We hope you have marked Rally Day, August 27th on your calendars. This Sunday begins with Sunday School Registration at both services and pancake breakfast provided by our Men's Fellowship. In the afternoon we have our BBQ with our youth followed by our Ninth Annual Pinewood Derby. Put this day on your calendar and join us in this fellowship for the fall.

Please mark on your calendar Sunday, September 10 as we will have special worship at both services as we honor Joan and Scott Brown for their faithful service in music. We are glad that they will continue to be members and active at Spirit of Joy, and we ask God's blessings on them in this retirement.

As we continue to prayerfully move forward with building, another update: We are completing all site work, along with beginning irrigation, planting, wastewater, and parking lot. We are also in the process of having the property re-appraised for our future needs for completing construction. We will keep you informed as we move forward with construction, costs, needs, and always prayers.

We are so thankful for your commitment during these summer days. It takes each of us engaged in the ministry, and filled with God's loving Spirit to make our life together joy filled.

Blessings in these summer days, Pastor Dan
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Once again Chuck Snyder is conducting a Pinewood Derby Clinic and Workshop where you can design and build your car with the help of his tool collection. You'll meet other racers, exchange tips and ideas and have an overall great time.



"Loosening Lutheran Lips" -
Sharing Our Stories
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Remember that Ellen is collecting your stories about God's work in your life, specifically related to tithing and finances. She's asking you to join in a synod-wide project of sharing tithing testimonies?

View more information in a previous eNewsletter.  If you have a story you'd be willing to share, please let us know. Contact Ellen Ray (Spirit of Joy, Ramona) at 858-525-2334 or by email ( Thank you!

ALR Recommends: World Magazine
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Fake news has been much on everyone's mind these past few months. And of course its meaning depends on your own views and opinions.

Unless we understand the actual political and/or social bias of the source, it is challenging to evaluate the news, fake or otherwise.  Many (most?) sources claim to be "fair and balanced" but what they publish tends to betray that claim. It's no surprise that 65 percent of voters don't trust the mainstream media to tell the truth.

As Christians, we believe in a number of truths that are denied by the cultural elite around the world. For instance, I believe that God, our Father almighty, created heaven and earth and that Jesus Christ, God's only Son, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. On the third day he rose again, ascended into heaven, is seated at the right hand of the Father, and will come to judge the living and the dead. I also believe that God created every human in His own image, that He loves every one of us, and He has commanded us to love God and to love one another as He has loved us.

If these things are true, then they should form a lens through which to view and interpret the actual truths surrounding many of today's controversies and issues.

But the dominant culture around is is very persuasive in forcing its truths on everyone. Thus when confronted with the demand for an opinion... voting, signing a petition, supporting or protesting this or that, or even in casual conversations... we're often unsure or timid in responding.

Thus it's refreshing when a news source is up-front about its biases and can give you confidence that what they publish faithfully reflects their bias. And that is just what World Magazine does: their masthead on every issue explicitly states: 

"The world is the LORD's and the fullness thereof;
the world and those who dwell therein."
Psalm 24:1

World Magazine tries to apply what the Bible teaches to timely and critical news of the day, to help us in that nexus where Christian belief meets the world.

Over the past 14 years I have depended on World Magazine to help me apply a distinctively Christian view of national and international issues. In addition, they have regular inspirational and motivational articles about living a Christian life. It has been an influential publication on our family.

In addition to their print magazine subscription World News has an economical online version plus many free and timely articles every day on almost every current controversy, as well as some wonderful children's and youth publications. Overall it's a wonderful family resource for educating your own children and grandchildren in the ways that they should go. I encourage you to check it out.

This is the first time that I, as editor and publisher of this weekly newsletter, have endorsed something like this. Send me questions or comments at to let me know what you think of this idea.

Blessings and shalom, Al Rogers


Sunday Morning Helpers
August 6 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Patty & Thomas Payne Porcelli Family
Readers: Jessica Parker Marilyn Sproat
Ushers: Hickman Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Sheila & Shorty Gery
Celebrating Sheila's Birthday
August 13 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Popma Family Schuler Family
Readers: Donna Zick Zara Maxwell
Ushers: Hickman Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Tom & Sandy Aldern
In Memory of Family
August 20 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Runzel Family Mona Snodgrass
Readers: Bill Clark Mick Hall
Ushers: Hickman Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Patty & Thom Payne: Birthdays-
Thom; grandson Landis is 3
Marilyn Sproat Recognizing Family
August 27 8:15 10:00
Greeters: Serra Family Soucy Family
Readers: Jerry Cole Alyssa Howland
Ushers: Hickman Team Barlow Team
Flowers: Kling Family Celebrating Ralph's 93rd Birthday
Everybody gets to be a greeter (we rotate active member families). Would you like to be a reader? Can you bring snacks & juice for coffee host time? Would you like to sponsor altar flowers? How about being an usher for your service? Altar guild could use your help preparing for communion. See the kiosk for charts or clipboards to help and be an active participant here at spirit of joy!