Building & Fundraising Update

As most of you already know, construction costs have exceeded our building budget. Consequently, the pace of work on our building site has been scaled down until we secure additional funds. We have had productive conversations with lenders in Southern California and believe that we will soon resume active construction .

In the meantime, we must finish our current efforts to button down all outstanding environmental issues. We estimate this will require $400,000, of which Thrivent will fund half. 

We are pleased to report that we have already raised over half of what we need. We thank all who have so generously helped out, and we pray that more of you will help us meet our goal.

If you have not yet contributed your share, you may conveniently do so online at Or you may visit our new Go Fund Me page at Please ask your friends and relatives to also make a tax-deductible contribution to our efforts.

Thank you for your prayers and offerings.

We recommend you subscribe to Harvey Payne's SOJ Building Video Blog (VLog) in order to keep up with the latest of his aerial photography of our construction site.

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