Message Moments

This always is a time for us as a congregation to look back at this past year with gratitude for all the blessings that God has shared with us as a church family.  We have so much to be thankful for in our life together: ministry to our children, youth,  enriching Bible Studies, Home Groups, Fellowship, Music Ministry, Worship,  Men's and Women's Fellowship,  our Quilters, and so much more.  We have been grateful for the ways that we have been able to serve one another and our community.

And now, we look ahead to our future with anticipation and expectancy!  We continue to encourage our ministries  to grow. Our worship is a vital part of our life together.  We look for ways to enhance your experience in worship, and to reach out to our community so that everyone will feel welcome and invited.  Take a moment as we begin the new year, and make a list of all of those who you could personally invite to share in the joy of our congregation.  Then, take the time to make the invitation!

We have been in the midst of our construction now for over a year.  It has been a challenge, but Spirit of Joy continues to meet and overcome road blocks along the way.  We have had a goal of $200,000 to match money from Thrivent in order to complete the construction that is necessary before we have any type of rainy season.   It looks as though we have now reached over $171,000 in the building fund... and we are marching toward our goal.  Please prayerfully consider a one-time gift, or an ongoing gift to the building fund.  It takes each of us to make the vision of our new church a reality. We are so deeply grateful for the gifts that have come in over the busy Christmas season.  It is such a testament to the enthusiasm and courageous attitude of our church family.

So, as we begin a New Year together, may God bless us in our ministry, in our vision, and in our mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people!

Blessings to you all,
Pastor Dan
Weekly Activities
8:15 & 10:00 am: Worship
8:15: SS preK-6th grade
10:00: SS preK-High School
6:30-8pm: Junior High
Sunday: 1st & 3rd A.M.
11-12:30 High School
8-9am: Bible Study
6-7pm: Bible Study
9am: Prayers & Squares
4-6pm: Kids Klub
7-8:30pm: High School
7-8am: Men's Breakfast Denny's
First Wednesday
9:30am: Spirits of Grace
Second Wednesday
6:30pm: Women's Bible Study
7pm: Choir
9:00am: Church Cleanup
We need your help: Please vounteer
Saturday: 1st & 3rd
8-9am: Men's Bible Study
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