Women's Bible Study
Women of the bible

In these ten studies of Women in the Bible you will see places where your own life intersects with theirs. By studying and understanding these women you can discover the God behind their stories... and yours.

  • Where: Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church
  • Dates: Most Mondays, September 24 through December 17 (according to the schedule below)
  • Times: 6:30-7:30 pm
Fall Schedule
1   Eve (first woman, Adam’s wife) 24-Sep-18  
2   Sarah (Abraham’s wife, mother of Isaac) 1-Oct-18  
3   Hagar (Sarah’s handmaiden, mother of Ishmael) 8-Oct-18  
4   Lot’s wife (became pillar of salt) 22-Oct-18  
5   Rebekah (Isaac’s wife, mother of Jacob and Esau) 29-Oct-18  
6   Rachel (Jacob’s “favorite” of two wives) 5-Nov 18  
7   Leah (Rachel’s sister, Jacob’s other wife) 19-Nov-18  
8   Tamar (daughter-in-law of Judah) 26-Nov-18  
9   Potiphar’s wife (casts Joseph into prison) 3-Dec-18  
10   The Mothers of Moses (Jochebed and Pharaoh’s Daughter) 17-Dec-18  

Contact Ellen Ray for more information at BibleStudy-Women@sojchurch.com

Women's Day with Beth Moore

A successful day with leading Womans spiritual leader Beth Moore. Sharing friendship, spiritual guidance and the Lord with Women of Spirit of Joy. Joining us on September 15, 2018 included 3 ladies who drove up the hill from Oceanside. We shared fellowship, lunch and some funny personal stories. Thank you to all the ladies who participated in the day, Andy Ray for organizing and setting up the simulcast, Gail Schlentz, Ellen Ray and Linda Porcelli for their work.


Thanks-Giving. Not the turkey type! This is something else.

Welcome to this year’s theme for stewardship. Thanks-Giving…demonstrating gratitude for the gift you’ve received. I wonder if we take it for granted sometimes. I was taught to say “thank you” when I was very young. I’ve said it so much that I wonder if I’ve lost sight of the deeper meaning. I think it’s good to think about the words we say and why we say them.

Giving thanks. Just ponder that… Thanks-giving. How many different ways are there to show thanks without uttering a word?

How do YOU, personally, communicate thanks? Better still, WHY do you give thanks?

Just some thoughts.


Anyway, here’s a preview of what’s ahead:

  • Oct 28th – SOJ’s Ministries video and “Giving Exercise”
  • Nov 4th – Our annual Harvest Dinner
  • Nov 11th – Commitment Sunday
  • February – “Thanks-Giving for Love”
  • April – Earth Day as Lutheran Stewardship
  • June – TBD

See you in church!

God’s blessings,
Ellen Ray
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