Nick Stemper Speaks Next Sunday

It is with great pride and anticipation that we announce that Nick Stemper will fill in for Pastor Dan at both services on Sunday, October 7. We hope you will make a special effort to hear this remarkable young man.

Nick is a hard-working student, studying to be an EMT, but takes time for both spiritual growth and effective Christian Service.  Throughout this Summer Nick held a top volunteer job with Sunshine Ministries at Lake Shasta as supervisor of the camp's "Barneys" (see below). Besides supervising and training them, he was their Servant Leader as he mentored and cared for them, led them in Bible Studies and spiritual development, and helped them solve problems.

At Spirit of Joy, Nick is Director of Youth Ministries, responsible for mentoring, teaching, and encouraging our own young people. He is also a faithful participant in our Home Groups ministry.

And for your further edification, check out our 2015 Newsletter for one more of Nick's significant achievements:

What is a Barney?

Team Barnabas: This is a person who ultimately is responsible for creating an atmosphere for ministry on the boats.  Team Barnabas members quickly pick up the nick name “Barney”.  It is the “Barney's” job to facilitate meal preparation and maintain a clean boat.  The Barney person is also there to help the driver park the boats and get campers ready to ski.  The Barney person probably spends the most time on the houseboat with campers engaged in one-on-one and group conversations that may or may not be about Jesus, but definitely have an impact on the campers.  Additional “jobs” for the Barney vary from group to group as some may need help with small groups, worship, or sharing their testimony.  Barneys serve as a volunteer for 3 weeks of the summer. (

Message Moments

What a great time in the life of our congregation.  We have so much planned for an encouragement in faith and our life together.  

Day to Serve Ramona

In October one of our annual events of service is scheduled.  On Sunday, October 21st, we will gather at 9:00am at church for a commissioning to go out into our community and serve.  We will have over 10-12 different service opportunities available for you to sign up to serve on Sunday mornings.  We are hoping for 100% participation from Spirit of Joy.  Our Methodist friends have asked to be a part of this day, and will join us for the commissioning and service day.

Thanks-Giving  & harvest dinner

Throughout October you will be hearing of our new theme for Stewardship, "Thanks-Giving"  Yes, we have much to be thankful for in our life together, but we need to be reminded of our giving, giving freely and thankfully to God for the many blessings that are shared with us on a daily basis.  We will be seeing an Action Video of our life and ministry together, and hearing from members about their thankfulness to God.  On November 4 we will share in a Harvest Dinner and November 11th is our Commitment Sunday.

We are grateful to Nick Stemper who is our Youth Director this year.  He is scheduling weekly times together with both Junior High and Senior High Youth.  Always making every effort to grow this ministry, there are great times planned in devotion and learning, game nights, retreats, and our yearly Houseboat trip

We look forward to seeing you in worship, and we encourage you to invite a friend, Pastor Dan. 

New SOJ Men Info
thursday Breakfast

Men's Breakfast meeting day is now 7:00am THURSDAY at Denny's, beginning on October 11. All men invited.

Open door NOVEMBER 11

SOJ Men serve Open Door Meals 6:00pm at the Grange. Please put this on your calendar. More info soon.

RightNow Media

We offer our Spirit of Joy members and attendees free access to RightNow Media, an online church video library. Essentially, it’s a Netflix for Bible studies with videos for kids, students, singles, parents and married couples by teachers like Tim Keller, John Piper, Frances Chan, and many more. All the content can be accessed from your computer, Apple or Android phone or tablet, or streamed to your television through Roku, FireTV or AppleTV.

All of our 2018-2019 Home Group sessions come from RightNow Media: Videos, leaders' guides, and participant discussion guides.

We invite you to explore some of the resources listed below (you can see much more than just the Kids' content). If you want to log in and freely use any of the video resources you see, simply got to and click on RightNow Media in the right menu column. Or go to It's completely free to our members and regular visitors.

And if you click on Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church in the RightNow left menu, you'll see all of our Home Group study videos. Contact Al Rogers at for the discussion guides.

RightNow Media Kids
RightNow Media Kids
Stream over 2,000 episodes of the best Christian kids content on RightNow Media. Enjoy shows that are safe for the whole family. Click the Kids icon to start the fun!
RightNow Media Kids
RightNow Media Kids
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